Local club's best performers

It is always interesting to review team and individual performance after the completion of a season, as they can then be judged in their proper perspective over the season as a whole rather than against one or two performances.

Looking at the past season in this way there is little doubt that Wallasey A.C.'s best individual performers were Roy Parry and Wally Hogarth, while of the club teams the palm must certainly go to the boys, with the youths also having a good season.

From the individual point of view, youth captain, Roy Parry, should perhaps be regarded as Wallasey A.C.'s outstanding athlete of last cross-country season, as although Hogarth did in fact have a greater measure of success it must be remembered that Parry was competing in a higher age group against keener opposition.

Wallasey's leading youth over the past few years has of course been that great young runner, Don Anderson, and it was a severe blow to the club youth team when he fell a victim to cartilage trouble halfway through the season.

Parry, however, rose to the occasion magnificently and he kept the Wallasey colours right up in the front in all the main events.

He was probably a little unfortunate in not achieving' an outright championship win, as in both the Cheshire and West Lancashire Championships he came up against a real tartar, having to be content with second place to clubmate Don Anderson and Waterloo's Kevin Gilligan respectively.

However, on both occasions he made his opponents go all the way despite the fact that both these runners must be considered as being amongst the best in the country.

Parry sustained his form right to the end of the season, and in the Northern and National races, when the field is always several hundreds strong, he again excelled by finishing 13th and 32nd respectively. In these races there is very little between the leading runners and Parry's placings compare favourably with anything a Wallasey runner has achieved in these events in recent years.

Parry has improved steadily over the last couple of years during which he as succeeded in developing a well nigh faultless style as well as the ability to get

away really fast. Next year will see him in the junior class. (18-21) which means an increase in distance from 3 to 6 miles and it ????? record for a runner in his first season of real competition.

Hogarth also moves up next season when he will be in the youth class (16-18) and racing over 3 instead of 2 miles.

He will undoubtedly find the pace quite a bit hotter, but he is such a natural all-round athlete that he can be expected to have another successful season next winter.

Two other Wallasey athletes to have their successes were Bob Johnston and Don Anderson who both won their respective Cheshire County titles.

Wallasey A.C., have rather come to expect things from Johnston and sure enough he turned in a brilliant run to win the senior Cheshire Championship from a very high class field. Although this was undoubtedly one of his finest efforts, his form after this unaccountably deteriorated and during the rest of the season he never approached his normal form.

Don Anderson won the Cheshire youths' title on the same day after a thrilling tussle with Roy Parry, when he produced that devastating finish that has won him so many races.

Unfortunately in the Liverpool and District shortly after, Anderson aggravated an old cartilage injury which finished him as an effective force for the rest of the season.

The most successful Wallasey A.C. team was undoubtedly the boys, who won the Cheshire and West Lancs., titles and were second in the Liverpool & District only after the application of the rules to decide a tie in points.

This boys' team gave a fine exhibition of real team running throughout the season, their packing and team spirit making them a really formidable combination.

After Hogarth, the most forward runner's were John Sefton and Bill Farrell who in turn were backed up, splendidly by Mclvor, Woolford, Shaw, Tunstall and A. J. Anderson.

All these boys except Ken Tunstall will next year be in the youth team when it is hoped in particular that they will once again retain the Cheshire youth title which the club has now won for the past three years.

Apart from Hogarth, it is very hard to single any of these lads out for special mention as they all seem to be of comparable ability, but it would not suprising too find Roy Shaw pushing Hogarth very hard indeed next season. He has all the ???????

the foremost runner and although his form slipped a little towards the end of the season his running in the Cheshire and Liverpool & District proved him to be a most capable young athlete whose fine physique will stand him in good stead over cross-country courses.

The juniors (18-21) were handicapped as usual by the calls of National Service, but the club have quite a find in Dave Standfast who proved himself the club's top junior over the season. He turned in good performances quite regularly and with a little more starting pace will trouble the best. He was well supported by Ken Ledward, John Winrow, Ray Scammell and John Lynch and Eric Maddock when available.

The seniors had what was probably their poorest season for many years, only the captain, Alan Clarke, and Bob Johnston showed anything like good form. Clarke continued to show progress and proved to be a much needed source of strength to the senior team during the season.

The Blair Trophy recently awarded to Len Platt for the most outstanding performance of 1952 by an athlete in the North West area will be presented at Club H.Q., Leasowe Road, on Wednesday evening, 20th May. Members and friends of the club are asked to make a special effort to attend and make the occasion a worthy one. Further details of this event will be given in this column next week.


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