Wallasey (junior) runners are Senior County Champions - Club's top trio will run for Cheshire

For the first time in the club's history, Wallasey Athletic Club won the senior County Championship, last Saturday, at The Dale, Chester.

And this distinction was achieved by a Club team of which only one of the six counting members was actually a senior, the other five all being juniors or under 21.

The course comprised four laps of very heavy and hilly going which in places degenerated into a quagmire before the race finished.

The individual winner was international Johnny Wilde from East Cheshire Harriers, who finished some 70 yards in front of Wallasey's Pete White, who had an inspired run.

Ron Barlow in fourth place gained his Cheshire vest at his first attempt and also beat international miler Mick Berisford from Sale.

The Wallasey's Club's third counter was John Wright in 9th place. John is to be admired for his feat in running this race practically straight from his sick-bed, which is, I think, a measure of his ability.

The next two counters, Tony Townsend and Dave White (20th and 28th), were also running in their first senior County Championship and did well to gain such high placings in their first race over 7 miles.

The team was completed by Ian McIvor in 30th position. Mac has had rather a mixed-up season this year through examinations and university work. But he is now coming into his own and should prove a useful member of the junior team.

The team was backed up by Phil Townsend, Hugh Pritchard, Kevin Mather and John Lynch - what a pity that civilian promoters do not follow the Army practices of giving medals to the whole team and not just the counters, for all these boys deserved a prize.

As a result of this race, the now well-known trio of Wright, White and Barlow have been selected to represent Cheshire in the Inter-Counties Championships to be held at Trentham Gardens next Saturday - not many clubs in the country can boast such a feat.

Today the club entertain the premier Merseyside club Pembroke A.C. - at Leasowe for a road race, as unfortunately we will not be able to use our now notorious marshes course for this meeting, a pity, as this course is rapidly gaining a reputation as a bit of a 'grueller'.

On, Jan 25 the Liverpool & District Championships will be held at Wavertree. John Wright has, more than a chance of carrying off the senior title, and with a junior team of the Townsend twins, White brothers and Ron Barlow,

I cannot see much stopping us, and we are hoping that this is only the beginning.

Anyone interested in joining the club is asked to contact Ron Hubbard, 44 Tollemache Street. (New Brighton 2389) or come down to Leasowe playing field, where they will be assured of a welcome.


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