Fine performance by Grammar School team - Liscard S.M. boys lead in the junior race

The Wallasey school championships held at Leasowe last week, proved that there is a wealth of young athletic talent, in the borough for the size of the field in the junior race, and the times put up were well above average.

The marshes were fairly dry when Mr. H. R. B. Wood, the Director of Education, sent the 120 or so competitors on their way round the 2-mile course.

The pace resulted in a win for J. Newnes, a strong runner from Liscard S.M. School, closely followed by team-mate Kirby, who was only four seconds in arrears.

It was a pity that the Liscard School hat no one else or the same calibre as they had to wait for 16th and 17th positions for their final counters and the standard was so high that this would only suffice for third place! In third place was another grand prospect, J. Owen of Moreton S. M. School, whose team, with placings 3rd, 4th, 13th and 15th, gained 2nd place.

The premier team award went for a second time to the Secondary Technical School with Wheelwright 6th, Voller 7th, Melia 8th and Thompson 14th.

The standard was the highest I have seen for some years, and the points gained by the first three teams, 35, 35 and 36 surely the closest ever. I feel that the sports masters of the various competing schools are to be congratulated on producing teams or such high standards of fitness.

The award for the, first man home from an unplaced team went to R. Hill of

St. George's S. M. in 5th place.

The senior race over three miles was, in fact, one lap of the course used by Wallasey A.C. for league matches this year and has been generally described as 'gruelin'.

However, these lads of 15-18 years took it in their stride, though the race proved an overwhelming victory for Wallasey Grammar School boys, who were placed 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th. A pity this was not a team race. The individual winner was Billy

Morris, a strong runner with an economical stride. He won comfortably from Brian Milton (both incidentally are Wallasey Athletic Club members) with R. Hadrian of the Technical Institute 3rd.

An innovation this year was the athletic scholarship offered to everyone who finished the course, by Wallasey A.C.

It is hoped as many as possible will take advantage of this offer. The prizes were presented by the Mayor (Alderman H. Bedlington), who also made a presentation on behalf of club members to Mr. Sandy Young, who is shortly leaving for Canada. We will miss you, Sandy, and wish you all the best in the future. Thanks also to Alderman Bedlington for the kind things he said to Mr. Young and the club.

Today, the club journey to Crosby for a league match with Waterloo A.C. and Preston A.C. members are asked to meet at Central Station - at top or subway at 1.30 p.m.


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