Barlow goes faster than international star

On Wednesday, November 17,Wallasey Athletic Club took part in the Waterloo Road Relay Festival, during which Ron Barlow ran incredibly well to do a faster time for the two mile leg than the Bolton Harriers and English international runner, Ron Hill. Barlow's time of 9 mins.

5 secs. was five seconds faster than Hill's time, and was also the fastest leg of the competition. Regrettably, the team did not live up to this fine performance by Barlow, finishing in 7th Place.

The first three places were taken by Sale Harriers, Bolton United Harriers, and Sutton Harriers.

Wallasey's team consisted of Brian Woolford, Barrie Smith, Doug Hanna, Alan Keating, Mike Teahan, and Ron Barlow. Wallasey also ran a 'B' team.

Last Saturday a number of runners from the club competed in the Second League race at Port Sunlight. In the senior race, Ron Barlow once again defeated the best on Merseyside to win in 32 mins. 11 secs. for the six mile course. This is the second year that Barlow had been unbeaten by any Merseyside athlete, which, coupled with his performance in beating Ron Hill shows that Barlow must be considered for international honours this year. In this race, Brian Woolford finished 51st which show that he is getting over his recent injury and returning to form. In eighth position was Barrie Smith who is a first-year junior which shows that this marvellous performance will lead to greater things in the future for Barrie. The remaining athletes in the senior event were John Wright (l6th), Brian Chalton (35th). Mike Teahan (45th) and Carl Gee (53rd). The team placings in their senior event were: 1st Sutton Harriers, 94 points; 2nd Liverpool Harriers, 96 points, and 3rd, Wallasey Athletic Club with 106 points.

There were only two Wallasey competitors in the youths' event which was over 31/4 miles - Ken Roscoe finished in 4th place in 23 mins. 17 secs. and Bobby McCaig finished in 6th place in 23 mins. 57 secs.

Dave Lockley, who has had such a wonderful: start to the season, continued his success by winning the boys' event in 11 mins. 34 secs. Lockley will almost certainly be a great asset to the club in years to come. The boys' team ran very well with Les Watcham finishing in third place in 12 mins. 12 secs. Fourth was Paul Barrie, seventh, Melvin Schless, and eighth Dave Adair.

Today Wallasey Athletic Club are competing in an inter-club match at Warrington. Other clubs invited are Winton, Cheadle and Gatley, Pembroke, Waterloo, and the home club, Warrington.

There will be races for boys under 14, boys under 16-both over two miles; girls under 14 and girls under 16 - both over one mile. The youths will be over a 23/4-mile course; the girls over 16 will be over a 2-mile course, and the senior and junior combined event will be over six miles.


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