Barbara Banks in fast half-mile

Although many Wallasey A.C. members returned some fine performances over last weekend, pride of place must go to ladies' captain Barbara Banks.

She followed a great half-mile at Sale on Saturday when she knocked 10 seconds off her best time in coming second to Wigan's Sandra Kirk in 2 mins. 26 secs., by winning the club handicap race at Denbigh the next day.

Barbara's time over the Denbigh hill course (18 mins. 39 secs.) put many of the boys' efforts in the shade and is an indication of her running strength at the moment.

A small team at sale for the 8-club match, Wallasey did well to finish in fifth place with 37 points, Sale won with 143.

Alan Kin won both the 100 and 220 yds. with 10.4 and 23.3, the latter time being a new club and personal record.

Eric Taylor put his new javelin boots to good use and out-threw his rivals with a creditable 163 feet, whilst Richard Clegg supported well in fourth place with 145 ft. 6ins.

In the 880 yds. Doug Hanna did all that could be expected in winning his heat in 2 mins. 49 Smith was third in 2 mins. 4 secs.

Other good performances were: High Jump - 1st, B. Smith 5'; 2nd, R. Clegg 4' 9'. Discus - E. Taylor 2nd, 109' 9'; and 1st junior High Jump 5'; Richard Clegg was also fourth in the senior shot (33' 15') and fourth in the discus with 90' 9'.

Out of 51 starters in the Liverpool Marathon, Wallasey had two representatives-Brian Woolford and Len Durkin.

Len who led Brian for the first five miles at six-minute miling pace, the pair going through close together in the middle of the field' in 29:01 and 29:06 respectively.

The more experienced Brian pulled the places back steadily, being in 16th position at 10 miles, to 10th at 20 miles. Here, Brian 'stole a march' on four runners who had stopped for a refreshing drink and a sponge down, when he passed and opened up a gap of 50 yds.

Unfortunately, Brian had run in isolation over these last five miles and with no-one to chase or pull him along his pace dropped and there was never any hope of him getting with the leaders.

A record turnout of 25 runners made the 3-mile Denbigh race a worthwhile one on Sunday.

With 10 newcomers to the course taking part, handicapping was not the easiest of tasks, but nevertheless the result was a close race, with the first 12 runners within a minute of each other.

The final result (with scratch times) were 1st, B. Banks 18:39; 2nd, B. Knox 16.08; 3rd, J. Wright 14:56; 4th, B. Woolford 15:20; 5th, A. Kin 17:09; 6th, B. Smith 15:05; 7th, S. Daniels 18:37; 8th, D. Lockley 15:13; 9th, G. Fair 17:27; 10th, P. Wealthy 16:32; 11th, J. Jones 15:38; 12th, S. Walker 16:09; 13th, R. Brimage 17:35; 14th, D. Hanna 17:08; 15th, G. McGregor 17:59; 16th, I. Wilson 18:25; 19th, P. Martin 20:41; 20th, N. Bowen 20:10; 21st, J. Howard 19:57; 22nd, R. Warburton 20:50; 23rd, K. Watkins 23:41; 24th C. Reines 24:59; 29th, P Watson 26:15.

A group of runners and jumpers are going to Widnes today for the police handicap sports, whilst there will be a club run for the remainder at 2:30 p.m., with new members especially welcome.


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