Athletic club 7th in cross country

In last Saturday's league run at Woolton, in which 89 runners started, the senior event was won by Leo Carroll of Wirral A.C. who covered the 61/2 miles cross-country in 36 mins. 7 secs. Wirral .A.C. won the team event with a score of only 87 points, Wigan coming second with 105 points and Liverpool third with 117 points.

Wallasey's first man home was Brian Woolford who finished 7th in 36 mins. 46 secs., Barrie Smith who has now left Wallasey temporarily came 25th in a time of 39:27, while Alan Keating and Mike Teahan finished 39th and 40th in 41:04 and 41:08.

The other Wallasey runners, Len Durkin, Doug Hanna and Carl Gee were 48th, 57th and 70th respectively.

Wallasey A.C. therefore came 7th with 216 points.

For those who are baffled by the results of cross-country races, it should be pointed out that team positions are calculated by adding up the positions of the counters for each team. The lowest score of course wins.

The number of counters has to be specified (usually 4 or 6) for if this were not done, then a team with only a few members, would have a greater chance of winning than a large team. Such a situation would be quite ridiculous.

The boys' and youths' events were combined, as there were too few to warrant separate races.

Dave Locklev won the 3 1/4 event in 19:28, Mel Schless came 8th, Pete Lewis 19th and Ian Wilson 20th. Wallasey's score was thus. 1 plus 8 plus 19 plus 20-48, but Liverpool Harriers had 30 and Sutton Harriers 41, so Wallasey A.C. came third.

In the ladies' event Barbara Banks, the Women's captain, came fourth.

The lack of competitors in the Youths' race was accounted for by the considerable number running in the Wirral Schools Cross Country Championships at Wirral A.C. H.Q. in Prenton.

Hadfield of Wirral won the individual trophy in the A. G. Nicholson Race and Wallasey Grammar School who had six Wallasey A.C. members, walked away with the team cup. Johnny Jones came second, Steve Walker fifth, Mike Weatherilt seventh and Phil Wealthy 11th making a score of 25. Their nearest rivals, last year's winners, Calday Grange Grammar School were 14 points behind.


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