W.A.C. team wins county youth's relay title

Competing in the Cheshire County A.A.A. road relay championships at Port Sunlight on Saturday, Wallasey Athletic Club won the youths' race and we fourth in the senior race.

In the 4 x 3 miles youths' race, S. Walker (16 min. 7 sec.) gave Wallasey the lead from Wirral A.C., M. Schless (16 min. 27 sec.) and J. Jones (16 min. 33 sec.) substantiated this lead, and the only threat to a Wallasey victory came when D. Lockley (17 min.15 sec.) went off course. The 'B' team finished 3rd P. Wealthy (17:39), R. Kay (18:27), B. Kuon (16:57). and J. Horobin (17:57).

Results: 1st, Wallasey 'A', 66, min. 52 sec.; 2nd, Wirral, 69 min. 54 sec.; 3rd, Wallasey 'B', 71 min.

The senior race (6 x 3 miles) was a run-away victory for Altrincham and District A.C., Alan Blinstone (14 min. 20 sec.) ran the fastest lap of the day to give them the lead from Wallasey (Ron Barlow 15 min. 20 sec.).

On lap two, the weakened Wallasey team - without J. Wright and L. Durkin - slipped to third place, M. Whiteside running, 17 min. 12 sec. Further ground was lost to Altrincham and Wirral on lap three, R. Tarrant (18 min. 28 sec.). Wallasey finished the lap in fourth place, and determined performances by B. Woolford (15 min. 27 sec.), D. Hanna (17 min. 31 sec.) and B. Smith (16 min. 15 sec.) succeeded only in reducing Wallasey's deficit,

Result 1st, Altrincham and District, 93 min. 05 sec.; 2nd, Wirral 'A', 95 min. 23 sec.; 3rd, Wirral 'B', 99 min. 18 sec.; 4th, Wallasey A.C., 100 min. 13 sec. 5th, Wirral 'C', 105 min. 0.6 sec. Altrincham 'B' did not finish.

At the A.G.M. held at the club's headquarters in Leasowe Road on Friday, September 22nd, the following officers of Wallasey Athletic Club were elected for 1967-8 season: President, R. Hewson; chairman, J. Edwards; captain, B. Smith; coach, C. W. Gee; general secretary, D. Hanna; cross-country secretary, K. Watkin; treasurer, J. H. Prydderch; women's captain, Miss B. Banks; women's secretary, Miss Y. Broomhead.


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