A.C. members use varying tactics

Wallasey Athletic Club's cross-country runners braved the December frost last Saturday, at both Arrowe Park and Bolton.

The third Liverpool and District League Race, at Arrowe Park, tested the Senior Men over an undulating seven miles course and various results were borne from varied interpretations of what the race called for.

Phil Wealthy's tactics were to dig in before the echoes of the gun had faded and Dave Hughes to dig in after 41/2 miles, and both retained the advantage thereby gained.

Barrie Smith and Pete Lewis also attempted to carve their appropriate positions in the field, but both deteriorated to an unhappy state, through lack of training and lack of grass running, to drop out at four miles an finish 63rd respectively. The remaining seniors ran comfortably within themselves, particularly Dave Lockley and John Wright.

Gwyn Griffiths finished a creditable tenth in the Boys' race, supported by Alan Ostler and Phil Wade.

Meanwhile, in a league meeting at Bolton, Barbara Banks, once again destroyed her opposition and emerged a winner in the senior ladies' race. The team finished third, with intermediates Sylvia Brimage, Gillian King and Lindsay Mutch finishing eleventh. Gill Ackers led the junior girls to twelfth place.

The Club's annual handicap race will be held along Leasowe Embankment today, and as usual, members who compete over the 31/4 mile course will be allocated a 'start' over the probable fastest runner. It will start at 2:45 p.m. and members are asked to arrive at the club headquarters by 2.30 p.m. and are reminded to bring a prize with them. Each runner will receive a prize according to (and despite) his or her finishing position.


Senior Men 6, D. Lockley, 37 mins. 25 secs.; 26, J. Wright, 40:05; 36, P. Wealthy, 41:08; 45, D. Hughes 42:00; 48, M. Teahan, 42:17; 49, L. Durkin, 42:18; 50, M Whiteside, 42:30; 63, P Lewis, 44:56; 70, I. Wilson, 48:20.

Boys: 10, G. Griffiths, 12:22; 13, A. Ostler, 12:28; 20, P. Wade, 13:47

Ladies: 1, B. Banks, 9:25; 14, M. Ashcroft, 10.42; 21, J. Beswick, 11:10; 36, S. Kew, 13:47.

Intermediate Girls: 22, S. Brimage, 10:31; 35, G. King, 11:13; 42, L. Mutch, 11:29.

Junior Girls: 24, G. Ackers, 10:28; 53, J. Halfpenny, 11:09; 59, S. Lloyd, 11:17; 79, C. Horobin, 12:30.


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